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About the Facility
1.About Facilities
Address: Mugyo, Kuji-city, Iwate-pref.
Exhibition halls: 4 classrooms, corridors, gym, assembly halls, library
Studios: 3 classrooms
Salon: staff room
Guest House: ex official residence
2 tatami-matted rooms (six mats and eight mats), kitchen, bathroom, fridge, kitchen wares, essential seasonings
A glimple of the guest house

You can read ‘The Article of AtrVille Mugo’ in Japanese.(PDF file) ※Adobe Reader is necessary.

2.Some Pics of the Guest House
‘Kinoko-ya Hotel’ is ten minutes’ drive from ArtVille. You can enjoy a grand view of the rising sun above the ocean horizon through the wide window of the public bath of the hotel.
15 minutes’ drive to the shopping mall.

ArtVille Mugyo Mugyo, Kuji-city, Iwate-pref. Japan phone: 090-1065-0469(toyamine)
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