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ArtVille is a museum and, at the same time, a creative activity center. We want you and your children to come and enjoy art and craft making with us. If you are interested in working with us or in managing ArtVille, join us as a full member. If you can support our project, join us as a supporting member.[ Please Contact us.]
 Three Principles of ArtVille
We who gather in Mugyo
Exchange greetings and discourse invigoratingly,
Expanding the network of interactions and activities.
We who gather in Mugyo,
Commune with the land, the air, the sea and the living things,
Learn the skills of expressing the emotions,
And brush them up and hand them down to next generations.
We who gather in Mugyo ,
Wishing this place would blossom as an art village,
Shake hands and work together
To make this place our new home.
Membership Fees Full member: enrollment fee \5,000 and annual membership fee \5,000
Support member: \3,000 or more annually
Body support member: \10,000 annually
ArtVille Mugyo Mugyo, Kuji-city, Iwate-pref. Japan phone: 090-1065-0469(toyamine)
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